Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bars in the news; Champaign couple claim beating was hate crime

From the News-Gazette

Champaign couple claim beating was hate crime

CHAMPAIGN – Two women from Champaign say they were beaten up by three women in a campus bar early Sunday because they're gay.

Ana Hamersma, 19, and her girlfriend, Ashley Pelz, 23, both University of Illinois students majoring in psychology, told The News-Gazette they were inside The Clybourne, 706 S. Sixth St., C, about 1:30 a.m. Sunday when a man on the dance floor asked Hamersma, in street lingo, if she wanted to commit a lewd sex act.

Pelz heard the comment.

"I told him, 'She's with me. Can you leave us alone?' He waved his hand, and three girls came over, and not a second later, they just started hitting us. They did not say anything," Pelz said, adding that neither she nor Hamersma had said anything besides the "leave us alone" comment.

"They were like his minions. They came running to him. I don't know what he said to them, but it took only two seconds before they were punching my girlfriend and I," Hamersma said.

WTF Champaign Urbana?

A few bad apples are ruining this whole area. We've got people attempting to beat each other up for sport, and now people beating up a gay couple.

Thanks to the "polar bear hunting", no white people are walking down the street without being suspicious of any black people behind them. Now, there's going to be a backlash fro mthe gay community from this alleged hate crime.

Stupid people.

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Anonymous said...

I saw this story on Channel 3 news last week, it's ridiculous how full of hate people are. My heart goes out to this couple.