Monday, August 2, 2010

Beer Review; Dark Horse Pam's Kitchen

Now on tap at Radio Maria is Dark Horse Pam's Kitchen, it's #8 out of the 27.

Jacob described it as a summer wheat beer with spices. He said the spices were thyme and basil. There's no information on their website about it, so we'll have to trust Jacob.

*edit, the spices are cilantro and lime; not thyme and basil*

You can see, it's a cloudy amber color. There was a little bit of head. There were also some larger bubbles in the head, but I think that's more a function of the draft system, than the beer.

It smells like a wheat beer. There is a little bit of hot dog in the nose, and there's no alcohol noticeable. The spice (again, supposed to be thyme and basil) didn't seem present, although that could be the hot dog smell.

It felt a little bit thin. However, it was very coating. There was some slight effervescence. It also had a bit of tart sourness in the finish.

It tasted like a wheat beer. There was also some fruit (was it peach?). I really didn't pick up anything from the spice-rack in the taste. Later, it seemed to have a little bit of black pepper. There was a touch of hops bitterness, but it was definitely not overpowering.

It was a pretty decent beer. I think it would be/will be a nice alternative to the fruited wheats (like O'fallon Weach; Seadog Blueberry, Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat...). It doesn't have the massive fruit flavor that's in those beers. I was trying to figure out a good time for this beer. It's definitely not a lawnmower beer. It was way to thick for that. It didn't seem ... um... thirst-quenchingly refreshing. It was refreshing, but not something like a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy. It seems like it'd be a really good fit for having a cookout. It'd be really good to have on a hot day when you are standing around, relaxing, chatting with your friends; but you probably wouldn't want to have one of these after any type of yard work, or after softball or volleyball.

It's apparently 6.5% ABV, so you aren't going to want to pound several of these to rehydrate yourself anyway.

The beer is relatively new, there's nothing on it on Beer Advocate, and only 1 review on Ratebeer.

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