Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alcohol in the news: Cool wines for hot summer days

From WCIA 3 CBS, Morning Show,

Cool Wines for hot summer days

Sam Samet from Piccadilly cools us off with some cool wines

Wow, it's a 9 and a half minute clip.

The wines come from Le Lapin. The first is Ingenuity, which is a white wine. The guy from the show, doesn't seem to know how to sample wine. He gets the glass and just sort of pounds it. Sam is still smelling the wine, and the other guy has already finished his glass.

The second is Clairveaux, which is a red wine. Again, with the red, he kind of skipped the sniffing.

Apparently Le Lapin is $7.49 a bottle.

The next is a sparkling wine. I believe it's Fleur.

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