Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alcohol in the news: State law prevents another strip club at Malibu Bay site

From the News-Gazette

State law prevents another strip club at Malibu Bay site

The former Malibu Bay Lounge at 3106 N. Cunningham Ave. in rural Urbana, closed last spring.

Later this month the property will be auctioned at a sheriff's sale, and a state law prevents it from reopening as a strip club, according to Champaign County planning and zoning director John Hall.

I was wondering why I didn't see any cars there.

"A new owner cannot do what Mr. (Ike) Mapson did at that location," Hall said, referring to the late owner of the Malibu Bay.

"It's within 3,000 feet of a dwelling. It is a state law. We couldn't approve something there that state law doesn't allow," he said. "So hopefully anybody who buys that is aware of it and hopefully has a business plan for something other than adult entertainment."

Well, darn.

I was in the Malibu Bay once... once... I still have nightmares.

I believe it's an appropriately named establishment.

Mal (meaning bad, wrong, evil) and Boobie

Mala-boobie /Malibu Bay

More than a decade ago, under former Champaign County State's Attorney John Piland, the county considered a liquor ordinance revision that would have banned alcohol sales on days when an establishment offered adult entertainment. But the revisions were never adopted.
That would be a horrible liquor ordinance. I'd expect that more from the city of Champaign, than from the county.

The Malibu Bay property will be sold at 9 a.m. Aug. 27 at the Champaign County Courthouse. Mapson and his estate defaulted on a $192,473 mortgage taken in 2002, according to court records. The amount owed now totals $241,467, the records show.
So, if you are looking for a horrible building, on the outskirts of town, that probably has seen it's share of diseases... the Malibu Bay is being auctioned next Friday.

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