Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alcohol in the news: Champaign Liquor License Fees Could Go Up

From WCIA 3, Illinoishomepage.net

Champaign Liquor License Fees Could Go Up

CHAMPAIGN- On Tuesday Chamapign City Council memebers will vote on whether to increase liquor license fees for a second year.

Raising the fee could generate $158,000 for the the city.

If this is passed it would go into effect November 1st.

If prices were to go up restaurants and bars could increase prices, but its completely up to the owners.

In the WCIA clip, you can see Blind Pig, Esquire Lounge, and Radio Maria.

Apparently the rate can go up from $3500 to $4000 a year.

From WICD 15 ABC.

City Council Discusses Liquor Fee Increase. (no direct link to video)

Tonight, the Champaign City Council will tackle whether or not to continue increasing the city's liquor license fee. .Mayor Jerry Schweighart says it's been a while since the city raised its fees, which he says are lower than other local towns. Over the five years, the increases are estimated to generate $158,000 of new revenue for the city.
In the WICD clip, you see inside Jupiters (I can't tell if it's at the Crossing, or downtown)

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