Monday, August 23, 2010

Alcohol in the news: It's your business: Wine bar now open adjacent to Corkscrew

From the News-Gazette

It's Your Business: Wine bar now open adjacent to Corkscrew

Buvons, the wine bar adjacent to the Corkscrew Wine Emporium in Urbana, is now open.

For the last few weekends, the Corkscrew has been holding its wine tastings in the new space and it officially opened the wine bar last weekend.

I was in there a couple of weeks ago, right before it opened, and the place looks really cool. Well, it did before it was open.

At Buvons, patrons can order wine by the glass or the bottle. Fourteen wines will be available, including six whites, six reds, a sparkler and a sweet. Every six weeks, staff members will change the offerings, but they'll always have the best-selling white and red available, said Nick Bland, manager and co-owner of the Corkscrew.
There are signs for it around town now, including a large one on University Avenue.

The name Buvons, which means "Let's drink" or "We drink" in French, was suggested by a French friend of the owner, Geoff Bland.

Buvons, at 203 N. Vine St., can be reached at 337-7704. It's open from 4 to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

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