Thursday, February 18, 2010

CU Bars in the News, Passing Up Money to Fight Underage Drinking

From WICD ABC 15.

Champaign- Champaign city leaders pass on a chance to get federal grant money to fight underage drinking. The city council voted on the grant opportunity last night. Some city council members didn’t like that the grant money only focused on enforcement and not education and prevention. They also worried that stronger enforcement would push people to drink in private apartments and houses which they say is more of a safety risk.
Passing Up Money to Fight Underage Drinking

Here's the Fox 55/27 version of the story.

City won't apply for funds to fight underage drinking

Champaign city leaders have passed on applying for funding to help fight underage drinking. Find out why. Story provided by Newschannel 15.
Well, nevermind, it's the exact same news story. ABC and Fox apparently are the same channel.

It's the WICD version of the News-Gazette story yesterday.

Here's the WCIA channel 3 version.

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