Friday, February 19, 2010

CU Bars in the News; the Iron Post

From WCFN 49 (

The Iron Post is located at 120 South Race Street, in Urbana. Their website isn't quite up to date, as the live entertainment section is from April of last year.

I can't find the video, but the transcript from "Best Bars: The Iron Post (Urbana)" is below.

Dave Benton: When it comes to going out for a drink, some people just love the music.

Jennifer Ketchmark: But tonight's Best Bar goes beyond a long list of tracks on the iPod—it's all live!

Paul Wirth, The Iron Post: "We have entertainment every night but Tuesday."

That means six nights a week of live music at the Iron Post in downtown Urbana—and this place doesn't stick with one genre.

Paul Wirth, The Iron Post: "Every Thursday is U of I jazz band. Monday is a jazz jam, Wednesdays and Sundays are small combos. Friday and Saturday nights I have rock cover bands to blues."

And when he says live music, he's not kidding.

Paul Wirth, The Iron Post: "March will be my 35 hundredth show."

As you can tell, variety is key here.

Paul Wirth, The Iron Post: "My tastes are eclectic, I like all kinds of music, you should see my iPod."

And just like Paul's varied taste in music, the clientele is also wide spanning.

Paul Wirth, The Iron Post: "As I like to say, our clientele is from bikers to bankers."

And some of those clients have left their mark on this bar.

Paul Wirth, The Iron Post: "I tell them if they can't be here, send me a card, so there are cards from Africa, Ireland, and various places in the United States."

And check this out—Paul even makes his own cajun spices and spicy barbecue, and of course I had to try it. Pretty spicy!

Paul Wirth, The Iron Post: "The one difference we do is our french fries. We don't deep fry them, we bake them. They aren't fattening, they aren't greasy. We go through about 100 pounds of fries a week."

And you can find your standard bar food and lots of classics, but one thing is different.

Paul Wirth, The Iron Post: "And healthy because nothing's deep-fried.

Not too bad! Another thing you won't want to miss once the weather cooperates is just a sit outside.

Paul Wirth, The Iron Post: "In the summertime I grill steaks on the patio, and people sit outside on the patio, and we have a band out there."

But regardless of the time of year, you are always welcome here.

Paul Wirth, The Iron Post: "Everyone should feel welcome at the Post, it's a friendly place."

Great live music is why this place made our list of Best Bars.
Jennifer Ketchmark has a great job.

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