Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CU Bars in the News; actually it's the city council

Champaign City Council votes to reject federal police grant

CHAMPAIGN – The city council on Tuesday denied a federal grant that would have added an estimated $11,392 to the city's budget to expand underage-drinking enforcement in Champaign.
Wow, I'm really surprised they turned it down. Busting people for underage-drinking seems to be a revenue stream for the city.

The grant would have funded three years of extra enforcement targeting underage consumption of alcohol.
It would have paid for cops, to go out and do a job they are supposed to do anyway.

Prior to the vote, council member Tom Bruno said he would vote against acceptance of the grant because it raises questions about "the morality of accepting federal grant money for local purposes."
Apparently tea baggers have infiltrated city council to the point where they think federal money is bad.

But council member Deborah Frank Feinen, who voted to accept the grant, said she would have been comfortable accepting the federal funds.

"We had an opportunity to pay for something that we're probably going to be doing anyway," Feinen said.

"Probably going to be doing"?

I don't see how they turn this down, it seems like a nice investment in the city. Get money for something that makes them money.

Yes, I believe most police functions are revenue streams for the city/county/state.

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