Thursday, February 11, 2010

Champaign Urbana 2010 Softball

In CU there are pretty much 2 places to play softball, Champaign Park District, and Po Boys.

Here's the Park District information:

Women’s Single Header Leagues
Team Fee
Class ID
Recreational Th 4/15-9/2* $550** 8 442006-D1
Semi-Competitive W 4/14-9/1* $550** 8 442006-D2
Co-Recreational Single Header Leagues
11”/12” Blue Recreational Su 4/18-8/29* $550** 24 442006-D3
11”/12” Orange Semi Competitive Su 4/18-8/29* $550** 16 442006-D4
11”/12” Recreational Th 4/15-8/26* $550** 16 442006-D5
Men’s Leagues
Capital Single Header M 4/12-8/30* $550** 16 442006-D6
Recreational Decade Doubleheader W 4/14-9/1* $825** 24 442006-D7
Semi-Competitive Doubleheader Tu 4/13-8/31* $825** 16 442006-D8

Questions: Joe, 398-2571 or

Final deadline for teams is March 11. So you need to get on the ball.

Po Boys (formerly Brickhouse, formerly Wendls) softball is going to be run by Rich Kelly, he can be reached by email at . It is not going to be run by first pitch softball, like last year. I believe leagues are going to be the same nights and styles as last year. Prices will also be the same.

(If you are a business and want to sponsor someone, let me know, I'll take your money)

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