Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CU Bars in the News; Illinois tax may help fund wine promotion

Illinois Tax May Help Fund Wine Promotion

From WAND NBC 17.

Champaign, IL - The Illinois wine industry wants some state tax money to use for advertising.

The industry is growing, with the number of wineries tripling in the last decade. Now, a state representative wants to use a part of the wine excise tax, about two cents per gallon, to spend on advertising and help specialists to research and improve Illinois wine.

That money already goes to the state's general fund, so critics worry education and health programs would miss out.

The winery they talked with was Sleepy Creek. Sleepy Creek Vineyards is located at 8254 E 1425 North Road, Fairmount IL, about 35 miles from Champaign.

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