Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Nanny State In Action: or you aren't smart enough to make your own decisions

Texting while driving, smoking target of '10 laws

Dear citizen;

You can't make good decisions, therefore the state is making them for you. No, not The State, although you probably don't want them making decisions for you either.

Here's some new laws.

You can not text while driving in Illinois.

On Jan. 1, it becomes illegal for motorists to send text messages while driving and to talk on cell phones while driving through a highway construction zone or school zone.
Oh, this is nice.

Gov. Pat Quinn will sign an amendment to the Illinois Vehicle Code that prohibits writing, sending or receiving text messages while driving, said the governor's spokeswoman, Marlena Jentz. The bill does make texting exceptions for drivers who pull over to text or shift their car into park or neutral to message while stopped in traffic.
So, make sure your car is in park if you are texting while stuck in traffic. Is sitting at a stop light "stuck in traffic"?

Here's some other new laws (from the yahoo article)

You cannot smoke in bars and restaurants in North Carolina.

Ah, I remember when Champaign/Urbana first passed that law (before the rest of Illinois did) and Rock's had on their sign, "OK non-smokers, where you at?" Because, remember non-smokers had complained that they didn't like going to all those smokey bars. So when the law was passed, a lot of smokers stayed home, but the non-smokers never came...

I wonder if there's a link between state's budget shortfalls and the reduction in people who smoke? All these states seem to be running out of money, meanwhile, people stop smoking and paying taxes on cigarettes... coincidence? When do more people who normally don't smoke, smoke? (when they are drinking).

Massachusetts says you can't watch dog racing anymore.

Texas says you teens can't go tanning without an adult.

Nevada and Louisiana say you can't buy a "novelty" lighter.

All of this because you can't make your own decisions.

Unless you are gay, then in Wisconsin you can receive health insurance benefits, and in New Hampshire you can get married.

How you managed to get out of bed this morning and get to work without killing yourself is beyond my comprehension.

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