Thursday, December 17, 2009

CU Bars in the News; Champaign Bar Crackdown

Champaign Bar Crackdown, from wcfn49news.

Dave Benton: Bar owners in Champaign getting pressured to do more to stop underage drinking.

They could soon face new fines for serving underaged drinkers.

Before now the underaged person was ticketed.

The city attorneys met with bar owners this week to talk go over the rules once again.

The mayor is frustratrated with bars that repeatedly serve underage people.

Bar managers say it's tough to do, especially when you transition from a restaurant to a watering hole.

Jacob Doherty, bar manager: There's a little awkward situation of walking up to people who have been there during dinner service to ask them for ID.

Dave: The city is trying to work everything out with its attorneys to see how it'd penalize bars and how much they'd pay.

Right now they're leaning towards a sliding scale, with harsher penalties for more violations.

Who's Jacob Doherty? Oh, they mean Jacob Daugherty, the manager of Radio Maria. (When I went to Army Journalism School, I would have failed for misspelling someone's name, or was it just 25 points off? Either way, you start with a 75, lose anymore and you fail.)

At least Jacob isn't as angry as he was about the parking garage thing.

(I couldn't find the video of this)


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