Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alcohol in the Local News

From Channel 3, WCIA.

IL Breathalyzer Law Working

Tuesday, Dec 29, 2009 @09:46am CST

(Rockford) -- In the first year, more than six-thousand people have had to install Breathalyzer devices in their car for driving drunk.
The state says 61-hundred first-time offenders have been required to install the devices in their cars since the law started at the beginning of the year.
The devices require drivers to blow into it before the car can be started.
Drivers also have to test periodically while they are driving.
Program director Susan McKinney says the goal is to keep first-time offenders from driving drunk again.
Critics of the program say it is too costly and that leads to people driving illegally, but McKinney says she's had offenders give positive feedback for the new program.
Why aren't these devices installed on every car?

I think insurance companies should offer a discount to people who voluntarily install one on their vehicles.

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musingsofasmartass.com said...

The last thing American car makers need to be forced to build in every car is a system to keep it from starting sometimes. They do that just fine without said device.

I'm gonna (mostly) avoid my thoughts on how crap like this falls under unusual punishment in my mind.