Monday, December 21, 2009

Greatest Letter to the Editor, EVER


Someone in the Champaign Urbana area gets it.


Just put God's truth in the paper

(full letter)

Dan Miner makes a strong point against your articles promoting evolution. Any fool can tell you the earth was created in six days, 6,000 years ago. Any other statement is just the opinion of some pointy-headed intellectual observing nature and drawing testable conclusions about natural processes that supposedly formed our world.

I want to go on to protest your articles about so-called "space flight." Any fool can tell you that a rocket fired higher than 10 miles would collide with the celestial spheres turning the stars and planets above our heads. And don't get me started about potential injury to the turtle that carries the platter of the earth on its back. Space flight is a proven hoax filmed by George Lucas.

The News-Gazette should henceforth report only God's truth and leave the zany fiction to professionals.


Farmer City

Here's the Dan Miner thing.

Let's rid schools of fantasy religion

Children should not read The News-Gazette when articles promoting the religion of evolution appear, as happened on Nov. 12. The article was filled with fraud and deception. It claimed that the fossil found would help fill a gap in the knowledge of evolution, where in reality nothing is known about evolution except that it has never occurred.

It cannot be an intermediate link, as no intermediate link could live, since such a creature would have to contain intermediate parts and systems that could not function.

It also falsely claimed that it could help explain how a creature could evolve. That is false because bones cannot explain how the DNA of one kind of creature could give birth to an offspring with the DNA of a different kind. No book in the world begins to explain how evolutionary changes could occur.

Evolution supporters just say, "Evolution did it," but never any explanation as to how. Evolutionism explains nothing; it is only an anti-God philosophy posing as science. We need to get the fantasy religion of evolution out of the media and schools and teach science instead.



wow, just friggin, wow

Sadly, I can't find the November 12 article.

Here's another response to Dan Miner's letter.

Don't buy ignorance posing as education

Children (and perhaps many adults) should not read The News-Gazette when anti-evolution letters by Dan Miner appear, as happened on a recent morning.

Miner writes every so often, and he never has anything new to say. What he repeatedly claims is that evolution did not occur and that it is not science. What his letters actually show is that he understands neither evolution nor science and will not make any attempt to do so since the undeniable fact of evolution fills him with fear and loathing.

Although he says we should "teach science," he is actually promoting ignorance. Readers should consider the source.



Without purchasing a subscription to the paper, I won't be able to view the rest of his letters to the editor. But they look rather interesting.

*edit 2/8/2010* After News Gazette redid their website, no Letters to the Editor are available. In fact, searching for Dan Miner, and John Houser doesn't even give the results of these letters. /*edit*

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