Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beer Tickets You Wish You Had #2

Horray, they arrived. This will be the second in the series of Beer Tickets You Wish You Had.

The first was Great Taste of the Midwest. This one is Dark Lord Day 2009.

You'll note it says something like Bottle Limit Set on Day of Event.

You'll also note that it's more of a purple ticket with gold... hehe.

Skot has informed me, he got his. Sammons got his, Kridz got hers, and Paddy's were also at the house when I opened mine.

I attempted to TWEET it last night, but it didn't seem to go through as I also CC'd someone else on my phone that the tix were at the house.

Did everyone else get theirs?

They are already on Ebay, current price is $100 (make that $177)(make that $14,999.44... WTF???)(it seems that auction has been pulled) (but it's been reoffered by Mr. DB, and the bidding is up to 1 grand).

Also, some jackass is selling a (a, that's 1) ticket with a buy it now of $399, there are 5 available on EBay right now (make that 9 now).

1 comment:

Virgil G (vgrid) said...

I just looked again, and that pic on EBAY sure looks like the pic that I took. But it's not, I am not selling my tix, nor my beer on ebay.

Selling it on EBay to recoup the costs of the beer (to me) is a douchebaggery thing to do.