Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why it should be more than 3 bottles per ticket of Dark Lord

Ok, it had BETTER be more than 3 bottles per ticket.

A bottle of Dark Lord will be $15. In years past, you could get a 6 pack, that's $90. If it's 6 bottles per ticket, like I'm assuming, it's now $100 a six pack. Most people got 2 tickets, so they are going to spend $180 on the beer, and $20 on tickets, that's $200 for a case of beer (22 oz bombers are 12 to a case).

Skot seems to be set thinking there will be a 3 bottle per ticket limit. That's gonna wind up being 6 bottles, $90, plus $20 for the tickets, and I would be pissed if I only got a six pack of beer for $110.

Any less than 3 per ticket, and the outrage from everyone will be WAY more than the people who bitched last year about not getting any.

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