Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Taste of the Midwest

After Dark Lord Day, the next huge event going on it the Great Taste of the Midwest. (Ok, so there are probably other things, but GToM was great!)

This Sunday is stand in line to get tickets day. Paddy and I will be going up with Noah and others from the CU Beer Club to get tix. Last year it was 4 tickets per person, this year, it's reduced to 2. Tickets are $35 each.

Here's the locations:

* Star Liquor (600 Tickets)
* The Cork and Bottle (300 Tickets)
* The Wine and Hop Shop (400 Tickets)
* Steve's Liquor (400 Tickets at Steve's University, 500 Tickets at Steve's Mineral Point)
* Tyranena Brewing Company (400 Tickets)
* Capital Brewery (400 Tickets)

Tickets will go on sale at noon. If you really want them, you need to show up WAY before them. I believe we'll be going to Noah's favorite location around 6.

If you are going to try to win the lottery, Good luck. Letters MUST be postmarked May 1. How to do it is more complicated than I want to get into here, so if you want to win the lottery, read all about it. People actually do win the lottery, Wilson did last year.

So, if you aren't doing anything this weekend, you should go up to Madison and stand in line with us. If you don't want the tix, I'm sure I can find someone who will.

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Kelly K. said...

My Dad got sick Saturday night and we had to take him to the hospital Sunday so I couldn't go get tix. Anyone with extras to sell?