Wednesday, April 29, 2009

World's Largest Rice Krispy Treat

Well, it's probably not the worlds largest, but it was friggin huge!!!

Have you seen these things?

It doesn't look all that big. But that thing is 32 ounces... that's 2 pounds of rice krispy treat!

We hadda stop at the gas station on the drive home from 7 Saints last night, since I was out of diet dew at the house, and in the half off bin, was this monstrosity of a candy bar. It was priced at $5. (I've found them online for $11; so it was a deal). I come walking out of the gas station with 4 bottles of dew and this huge honking sheet of rice krispy lovin under my arm. Kridz was like, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!

I get it home and take another picture of it,that's right, it pretty much blots out my tv. Or, it would if i had a method of holding it in front of the tv.

It tasted like a regular rice krispy treat. It's 15 x 11, so it's huge. And in the half off bin, at $5 it's a steal. There's like 20 servings on the sheet. For $5 you could probably get horrible nutrition for a week off this thing, if you paced yourself.

So, if you come over to my place sometime this week, rip off a hunk of the rice krispy treat, and help me eat this thing.

Oh, at 7S, I had a Southern Tier Jah-Va, which has just recently been put on tap.

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