Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Days of the Beer, December 30

The beer for today is Yazoo Dos Perros.

On December 30, 1972, Kerry Michael Collins was born in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Collins is currently the starting quarterback for the Tennesee Titans of the NFL. He was drafted with the fifth pick of the 1995 draft, and was the Carolina Panthers first ever draft pick. He played college football at Penn State, where he was a Heisman Trophy finalist during his senior season.

Before the 1997 season, Collins was drunk in a bar and used the "n word" in reference to teammate Muhsin Muhammad. Later, he racially slurred offensive lineman Norberto Garrido, who then punch Collins in the eye. On November 2, 1998, Collins was arrested for drunk driving in Charlotte, North Carolina. Collins entered a rehab clinic in 1999.

As to the beer:

Yazoo Brewing Company is in downtown Nashville, Tennesee, about 2 miles from The Coliseum, the home of the Tennesee Titans. Three of their beers are available in 6 packs; Pale Ale, Dos Perros, and Yazoo Hefeweizen.
Many Mexican beer styles today are descendants of old Austrian styles, from when Austria ruled Mexico in the late 19th century. Our Dos Perros is made with German Munich malt, English Pale malt, and Chocolate malt, and hopped with Perle and Saaz hops. To lighten the body, as many Mexican brewers do, we add a small portion of flaked maize. The result is a wonderfully bready malt aroma, balanced with some maize sweetness and a noble hop finish.
The beer comes in at 3.5% ABV, so it would probably take quite a bit of them to get a dui.

So, for Kerry Collins, who probably won't be having a beer on his birthday, have one for him. If you have a Dos Perros, try not to make a racial slur about their beer while you are drinking it.

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