Saturday, December 13, 2008

Days of the Beer, December 13

On December 13, 1862, the Battle of Fredericksburg was fought during the American Civil War. General Robert E. Lee defeated Union Major General Ambrose E. Burnside. The battle lasted from December 11 to December 15, but December 13 was the day that the Union Army suffered it's worst casualties. The battle is considered one of the most one-sided during the American Civil War.

Burnside had attempted to send six union divisions into Fredricksburg, across an open plain of 400 yards that was covered by Confederate infantry and artillery. All of the attacks failed, and produced 6,000 to 8,000 casualties.

A month after the battle, Burnside would be relieved of command.

As to the beer:

Olde Burnside Brewing Company is located in Hartford, Connecticut. They brew mainly Scottish style beers.

Our popular “Dirty Penny Ale” (5.7% ABV) is a hearty, but never heavy “black’n’tan” style* which is mixture of 60% Ten Penny/40% our own signature stout. This beer is also available year-round at your local bar or favorite beer store.
(Motto: Dirty Penny Ale …Polish One Off!)
The beer is available in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. General Burnside died in Bristol, Rhode Island, on September 13, 1881. He is buried in Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, Rhode Island. You can pick up Olde Burnside beer, at Swan Liquors, which is .6 miles away from the cemetary.

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