Friday, December 5, 2008

Brewing on Sunday

Sunday afternoon around 3:30 or so (around the start of the second round of football games) we're going to be brewing at my house.

We'll be making a Blueberry wheat, hoping to get an ABV of about 8% and I think we might be able to get that.

So, if you want to come out and play, look me up.



Chipper Dave said...

An 8% wheat? Would you call that an Imperial Wheat then? Sounds like a powerful brew you're cooking.

vgrid said...

We didn't wind up making the wheat on Sunday :( A couple of hootresses had heard me and paddy talking about brewing, and said it sounded like fun, so we asked if they wanted to try, they said yes. When asked what they wanted, they said something blueberry (like the new wild dog) but with a higher ABV, so I did some searching and figured we could do it.

BUT, one was sick yesterday, so they hadda cancel (isn't that the way it always goes, when you've got two hootresses wanting to come to your house something always prevents it) because one was sick. So we gonna try again next sunday.

In the meantime, paddy and I brewed a Russian Imperial Stout, mostly an extract kit, but we threw in some vanilla extract, brown sugar, and molasses. The OG was 1.080, so we should be able to get between 7 and 8% on it.