Thursday, December 25, 2008

Days of the Beer, December 25

The beer for today is Delirium Noël.

On December 25, 1628, Noël Coypel was born. Noël was a French painter.

He was employed by Charles errard to paint some required pictures for the Louvre, and gained his fame by producing other pictures for the king. In 1672, he was appointed director of the French Academy at Rome. Four years later he became the director of the Academy of Painting.

One of his more notable works was "The Martyrdom of St James", which is in Notre Dame.

He died on December 24, 1707.

As to the beer:

Delirium Noël is produced by Brouwerij Huyghe, the makers of Delirium Tremens and Delirium Nocturnum. It is listed as a Belgian Strong Dark Ale.

When the seasons' spectrums have changed from a vivid rainbow of flora, fauna and fair weather to a monochrome blanket of snow, slush and frigid temperatures, so must one's beer. A spicy, crimson brew that completes the Delirium Trilogy (including Tremens and Nocturnum), Delirium Noel will bring color and zest back to the cold winter months and to your cheeks. With its combination of an invigoratingly sharp and peppery character, stirring bitterness and that rare, crisp winter freshness of flavor, your inevitable fondness for the subtle, yet familiar nuances of piquant Delirium Noel will last through the seasons! Be sure to make plans to stay in when you pour out this memorable holiday beer, as its stout 10% alcohol content should keep you from going out in the cold more so than any blizzard ever could!

So for Noël, have a Noël.

Noël means "christmas" in French. It comes from the old French natalis, meaining "birth".


Scott - ThebrewClub said...

Sounds like a strong one that might be worth checking out - if it isn't too late!

vgrid said...

If you wait a couple more weeks (or months) you'll find bottles of it that are aged and in the discount shelf.