Friday, May 30, 2008

Sportsmanship and chickenship

So, I mentioned yesterday that we had a softball game against a team that is undefeated. When I saw which team it was.

I've played against most of these same teams for 3 years now, and there's one thing I've found that I dislike about lots of the teams in Co-rec softball. The men on most of the teams hit to right field. This, to me, is unsportsmanlike behavior. There will probably be some softball people who disagree, but lets go over the situation.

We were a 1-3 team playing a 4-0 team. They were winning by several runs. The normal practice in co-rec softball is you put your "worst" girl in right field, as that's the part that gets the least amount of work, normally a right fielder just sort of runs out and then kicks the grass for a while, then runs in when the inning is over. I find it HIGHLY unsportsmanlike to be a guy who picks on the worst fielding girl, when your team is already winning and will probably win the game (easily).

So, a right handed batter hitting to right in co-rec, to me, is unsportsmanlike. There are other examples that I've seen this year of unsportsmanlike behavior.

  • Men running into a girl, on the base path to break up a possible double play (that wouldn't have been turned anyway)
  • Men knocking over their teammate to catch the ball when the girl on their team clearly had it
  • Fake tags (normally illegal in softball)
  • People attempting to behead other players when trying to score (and there's an AVOID CONTACT rule)

These are just some examples of people not being sportsmanlike.

I do my best to try and be sporty. Some of the things I do that I think are sporty are:

  • I won't take a walk unless the pitches are extremely horrible (it's slow pitch co-rec softball, if you can't make contact... well, we've all struck out)
  • If my teammate can get to the ball, I will not call them off, this (to me) will raise their confidence and they'll probably play better)
  • I won't use an illegal bat (even if some of my teammates in the past have)

I would rather lose a game cleanly and feel as though I have some dignity, than to lose by "shady" methods.

Until last night. The team we played last night had 5 men in their lineup, of which 4 of them ONLY hit towards right field. I have more RESPECT for the guy who hit to straight away than the rest of their team combined, Office 2/Brown Insurance Agency.

So, from hence forth, when I play co-rec softball, if a guy on their team hits to right field (and it's not an accident); I WILL attempt to hit the pitcher every time I come up to bat.

This is the LEAST sportsmanlike thing a person can do in softball. Hit AT the pitcher. But, if I'm playing in a league with no morals or sportsmanship, then why should I be one of the few people who do? I've talked this over with some of the other guys on my team, and they agree with me. (I've talked to the pitcher and he's ok with the idea, mostly because he'd be the guy who THEY will try to hit up the middle on).

*NOTE, in mostly competitive men's softball, hitting to right field is acceptable. Sliding into another player is acceptable. If there isn't a no contact rule, then taking out the catcher is acceptable. (The fake tag is probably illegal.. and it seems to be in most every softball league).

So that's my rant on sportsmanship and softball. I don't mind losing, I just don't think the way we lost was very sportsmanlike.

As for beer; after the game we went to BW Savoy, I started with a Sierra Nevada Pale, followed by a SN Pale; then switched to an Old Style (the cubs were on). After leaving BW, we went to Friar Tucks next door, and I picked up a bottle of the newest Two Brothers Bare Tree. Also (since they had it) I got a bottle of DFH 120 and DFH Raison d'Extra. Additionally, we got kriddy a 4 pack of Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout.

Got home and had a glass from the growler of Grumpy Troll Brandy Aged Spetznaz.

Well, I had that after I finally cleaned up the kitchen from Monday. Heck, I haven't been home and awake for more than an hour since then, so I haven't really had time to do that.

It seems that tomorrow we are having a beer gathering at Kriddy's if anyone wants to go. Around 4, bring some chips.


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