Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fermenting nicely

One of the things I dislike most about brewing in buckets is that the fermentation isn't nearly as cool as when you have a carboy. In the bucket it's like every 5 to 10 seconds the airlock will bubble/percolate. The one brew that we did in the carboy was awesome. It'd build up so much pressure that the airlock blew off, and it'd be completely full of foamy yeasty goodness. Buckets just don't provide that cool visual.

Back when hippy and I first brewed, he took out the airlock (or it shot out like a bullet, I can't remember) and he was looking down through the opening and got a facial of foam that shot up and out of the carboy.

5 gallon carboys are a lot more fun than 6 gallon ones, and way more fun than buckets.

Well, after a week or so I'll transfer it into the carboy.

It's going to be the Welcome Back Pat Wheat.

I put 2 bottles into the fridge for tonight. The first was the Samichlaus Helles; the other is (I think) brew dog paradox batch 009. So those should be good.

Skot really liked the Helles (he loves the high ABV's) and I'm looking forward to the Paradox.

In other news, I really need to mow my front yard. I think Wed. is the first (and only) time I have available to do it.

Last night at softball, we split, won the first game by a run, and lost the second by 10 (do'h). After we went to Hooters and the team drank a lot of crappy beers. I started out with a Boulevard Pale, then had a Bare Knuckle Stout (AB) it's amazing how many people will refuse to even try to drink a beer that dark (it's a Guinness clone). Several people commented "it's like 3 day old coffee" "eew" "how can you drink this". Kriddy's like shaddup you pussies, this isn't dark or stout! It's a waste of her time to drink it. I also wound up drinking some "ght" and some bud select.

Josh, the manager, said they'd be getting rid of 312 and replacing it with Shocktop. Those are similar products and are both distributed by AB, so they aren't really changing a tap. Granted Goose Island will be losing a tap, but it wasn't sold a lot anyway. They soon will be losing the Sunset Wheat tap which will be replaced with the Hooters 25th anniversary beer.

If you look off to the left, you'll see my beer list for this year. I'll keep adding several to it each day until I get caught up.


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