Monday, May 5, 2008

Sink de M Yo!

Ok, so at the corner of La Grange and 159th street is some sort of thing that has a sign with several of the letters blown off. It says

"Cinc de M yo"
"free nach"

So, as it's cinco de mayo, I thought i'd reshow one of my older "conceptual" art pieces.

I did it (apparently) 2 years ago. The sink next to my bar, I filled with 4 jars of Flavorite Mayo (from county market). It's real mayo. After I took some pictures I threw it out. Yes, that much mayo is a lot of fun to play with. I prefer this textured picture, as opposed to the one I took when I smoothed it out, it was hard to discern what it was.

Oh well, on to beer

Since I last left you, went to Crane Alley and had an Issaquah Bullfrog Ale. Which is apparently an American Wheat Ale. I think while tasting it, I thought it to be that. Maybe, I could be wrong. The bottle doesn't say it's style. So I hadda guess. It poured almost completely flat. Decent yellow to gold color. Slightly floral hops flavor, but really tasty. Slight coriander flavor, not enough to turn into a hotdog water beer, but it was just barely there. After pouring the bottle had sediment in the bottom that didn't look like normal yeast gunk, it was grey-ish, and looked like the sludge that I used to have to clean out of the Chenoa swimming pool when we were cleaning the diatomaceous earth filter.

After finishing that, went to softball practice, where we wound up playing a group of people who wanted to also practice, and we destroyed them, in the second inning, each guy batted 3 times. We kilt them. After that went to hooters and had a Boulevard Pale Ale. The more I drink that beer, the more I enjoy it. Pine-y, flowery, a little pepper, it's a nice blend of hops.

Then went home and brewed a wheat (that may wind up being a wit). It was the weizenbier kit, but in addition to the included yeast, I used the Whitelabs Belgian wit yeast. So hopefully that'll turn it into something Blue-moon-ish. Not that I like blue moon, but it seems to be popular. Hoping it'll either be blue moon-y or maybe a little Leinenkugel sunset wheatish.

Hadn't brewed since hippy and I last redid our Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Stout back in December. If I was a purist I wouldn't brew in the summer, but thanks to air conditioning we don't have to not brew in the summer! Take that Marzen's!

I haven't determined how I'm going to "offer" the beer. Will I put it into bottles, or maybe I could get a couple of those mini-kegs that Heinekin comes in and see about refilling/sealing that... that'd be awesome.

My OG is supposed to be just over 1.050 so I'm spot on, which is nice. FG should drop to around 1.010. It should be right around 5% so that'll be fun.

Tonight is first men's softball game. Not sure who exactly we are playing, but we'z going to hooters afterwards (as that's the sponsor).

So, happy cinco everyone. Hope you are as excited as I am...

Whoo hoo!

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