Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bars in the news; Three people arrested following a fight in downtown Champaign

From the News-Gazette

Three people arrested following a fight in downtown Champaign

CHAMPAIGN — Police say three people were arrested following a fight early Sunday morning in downtown Champaign.

Champaign police spokeswoman Rene Dunn said officers were called to the High Dive, 51 E. Main St., C, at 1:41 a.m. after receiving a report of a fight involving a large crowd.

When police arrived, they saw approximately 100 people on the dance floor preparing to fight.

100 people preparing to fight, WTF?

After the security staff was unable to control the crowd, Dunn said, pepper spray was used.

The bar was closed, and the patrons were asked to leave, according to the report.

When police left the building, they found a crowd of approximately 200 people gathering outside the bar, with a second group of another 10 to 15 people fighting near the corner of Main and Chestnut streets.

Bloody Mary's aren't as good with pepper spray as they are with cholula.

According to Andy Borbely, who was called in to work as a bartender, the crowd didn't tip well either.

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