Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bars in the news; Salsa

From the Buzz


Salsa, both the music and the dance, is hot and classy. And it only makes sense that the music, with all its fervor and jazz and whirling spark, draws all kinds of people together like moths to a flame. It is magical in that way. And what is wonderful about it is that CU is always hosting it somewhere.

Salsa plays at Radio Maria on Saturday nights, Cowboy Monkey on Wednesday nights and V. Picasso on Fridays. Even those who can’t dance can always learn or just sit back and soak in the atmosphere — the splashes of bright yellow walls and the spinning bits of spotlight on hardwood floor and the red curtains and the web of arms and stomping feet — or simply the music. If anything, go for the music.
There's also a short history of Salsa in the rest of the article.

Not a horrible article by the Buzz.

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