Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Alcohol in the news; Hard Cider

From the Buzz

Hard Cider, Making apple cider that much better

The kind of quality reporting you'd expect from the Buzz.

Hard cider is neither beer nor mixed cocktail. It actually reminds me more of sweet sparkling wine than beer. Cider is made from apple juice, fermented and matured, and is native to Merrye Olde Englande. According to my bartender’s guidebook, “Most ciders are [pressed] from special cider apples, which are small, hard, and inedible, but eating and cooking apples can also be used—the mixture of fruit is an important factor in how a cider tastes.”

I tried Woodchuck Granny Smith Hard Cider, but other flavors—such as Raspberry and Amber—and other brands—like Strongbow—are widely available. The Granny Smith was very crisp, “tart and refreshing” as the label promised. Not being much of a football watcher myself, I enjoyed mine while watching Clint Eastwood in For a Few Dollars More to round out a perfect Merrye Olde Saturday afternoon.
A whole report on Hard Cider, and only Granny Smith from Woodchuck was sampled... quality reporting.

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