Friday, September 24, 2010

Alcohol in the news: Whiskey Wednesdays lift your spirits

From the Buzz

Whiskey Wednesdays lift your spirits

Seven Saints, a bar and restaurant that boasts the broadest on-premise selection of spirits in Champaign, hosts Whiskey Wednesday every week. There are over 190 whiskeys in stock and an additional 30 to 40 private bottles on reserve. To avoid patrons gravitating towards something familiar, Seven Saints rotates through features from the following types of whiskeys each month at 50 percent off: Canadian and micro-distilled American, Irish, bourbon and rye, and scotch.

For the novice whiskey slingers, Borbley serves some suggestions. First, start with lowland scotches: “They are a great place to start because they are very floral and grassy, which makes it approachable and soft.” Order it with water or ice. The machismo attitude does not apply in the world of whiskey. “Water can off-put that alcohol burn so you can get the aroma better, stretch it out, and make the subtleties more apparent.” Be specific! It is not pretentious to specify how many ice cubes you want in your drink because they will eventually melt into it and the water, changing the potency.

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