Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Days of the Beer, January 21

The beer for today is Browning's Louis XVI Guillotine ESB.

On January 21, 1793, Louis XVI, or Louis-Auguste de France, was beheaded. Louis was arrested on August 13, 1792 for High Treason and Crimes against the State. On January 15, 1793, the National Convention voted 693-0 guilty. The next day, 361 members voted for immediate death, 288 against death, and 72 for death... but later.

On Monday, January 21 1793, Citoyen Louis Capet, was guillotined in front of a cheering crowd. As he mounted the scaffold, he attempted a speech where he asserted his innocence and pardoned those responsible for his death. His speech was cut off by a drum roll. His head was then cut off... but not successfully on the first try.

As to the beer:

Browning's Brewery is located across the street from Slugger Field in Louisville, Kentucky.

In honor of Louisville's name sake,Louis the XVI Guillotine ESB is a medium bodied copper colored ale. Each batch uses a different single variety of hops to impart assertive bitterness and a mild aroma. So raise an extra pint of this special ale to Louis' bitter end.
So for Louis XVI getting the guillotine, have Browning's Guillotine ESB.

I had this beer on July 25 last year, at the brewery/brewpub. Kridz and I stopped there on our way to Asheville for Bele Chere.

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