Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beers for Smart@ss #2. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

The second beer consumed for Smart@ss was a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Were he able to drink alcohol, last night he would have enjoyed this hoppy beer.

The beer he would have had would have been about 5.2% ABV. It would have been a pretty dark gold to light brown color. It would have had a nice malt thickness to it, along with a good bitter kick.

I'm guessing he would have probably enjoyed it. It would probably go well with a Ribeye Steak Sammich from Billy Barooz, but I don't know if he needs anyone to eat steak sammiches for him. If he does, I'm also his man for that!

He's mentioned to me that his winter go-to beer is Leinenkugel Berry-Weiss, I'm not really wanting to drink that one, so if someone wants to have one of those and write up how much he would have really liked that beer, let me know when you are available to drink it, and we'll schedule a day for you.


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Michael said...

Good Morning!

My Beers for Smart@ss post has been made at Beer Rant. I knocked back a Four Peaks Hop Knot IPA this morning after working in the yard - breakfast of champions, indeed.

Best wishes.