Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beers for Smart@ss

At the top of this page, you'll see a little line that says, "I drink beer... so you don't have to". Well, one of my friends, can't drink beer, so someone's gotta do it for him.

So, until he can consume alcohol again in July, I'll be drinking a beer for him. I'm that nice of a guy.

The first Beer for Smart@ss was a Hennepin. I really enjoyed drinking this one for him.

This hoppy, farmhouse style ale has a champagne like effervescence with a crisp but light on the tongue finish. Similar to the Belgian Saison style , this beer serves well as an aperitif. Hennepin has a majestic golden hue. The style is called Grisette or farm house and is considered to be in the domain of the Belgian Saisons.
It definitely had a little bit of that farmhouse funkiness too it, nothing too overpowering, but was just the right amount of ... um... that weird flavor.

This will be a recurring segment on the vbg-log, so, if anyone else wants to have a drink for smart@ss, just let me know.



Michael said...

Sign me up to have a beer for Smart@ss! I can pick a local beer if you/he prefers, perhaps something only available in Arizona (NOT Chili Beer). Say the word, I'm there.

vgrid said...

Can you have something on Monday, and then if you write up a review, I'll link to it here.

Thanks Michael.


Michael said...

You bet. I'll have a local beer with limited distribution, post it at Beer Rant on Monday about midday and shoot you a note here. (MLK Day by the way.)