Sunday, January 18, 2009

Days of the Beer, January 18

The beer for today is Moortgat Duvel.

On January 18, 1782, Daniel Webster was born. Webster was an American statesman before the American Civil War (Antebellum Period).

Webster was very nationalistic and articulate, which led him to become one of the most famous orators and an influential Whig leader.

Webster's "Reply to Hayne" in 1830 is regarded as "the most eloquent speech ever delivered in Congress."

Webster ran for president three times, but all failed. He died October 24, 1852 after falling from his horse and suffering a blow to the head. This was complicated by cirrhosis of the liver. He was well known for his debt, and his gambling and alcohol.

"The Devil and Daniel Webster" is a short story by Stephen Vincent Benet. It is a retelling of the Faust tale. It was published in 1937. In it, Webster defends a New Hampshire farmer who sells his soul to the devil.

As to the beer:

Brouwerij Moortgat is located in Breendonk-Puurs, Belgium. They produce several beer, including the Maredsous line, Duvel and St. Sebastiaan.

Four generations of the Moortgat family have brought together Pilsner malts, Bohemian hops, and a unique yeast strain to create this intense, aromatic and beguiling ale. This Belgian favorite is best enjoyed chilled (40 - 50 F) with discerning friends or good-looking strangers.
So, make today the Duvel and Daniel Webster.

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