Monday, August 18, 2008

Days of the Beer, August 18

The beer for today is Hilton Head Lighthouse Lager.

Happy International Lighthouse Day!!!

I'm not sure who made it into International Lighthouse Day, but whoever it is, thanks! (Apparently, it was from the International Association of Lighthouse Keepers)

One of the most famous lighthouses in history was the Lighthouse of Alexandria, built in 280 BC. It's height was somewhere between 380 and 440 feet. It was on of the Seven Wonder of the World.
The first lighthouse in America was Boston Light, on Little Brewster Island (aww brewster, how appropriate). The oldest existing lighthouse in America is Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey, built in 1764.

Modern lighthouses are less picturesque than the older ones. They are usually in inaccessible locations, use solar powered batteries, and have a single flashing light sitting on a steel tower. The last manned US lighthouse was built in 1962.

As for the beer, it's produced by Hilton Head Brewing Company on Hilton Head Island South Carolina. It's probably named for the Harbour Town Lighthouse, which is a 90-foot, red and white striped tower. It could have been for the Rear Range lighthouse, however.

It's apparently a Dark American Lager. Hilton Head Brewing Company is apparently it's the first brewpub in South Carolina.

So, if you can make it down to South Carolina today, and you want to brave the oncoming hurricane, head to Hilton Head Brewing Company and get the Lighthouse Lager.

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