Saturday, August 16, 2008

Days of the Beer, August 16.

The beer for today is Elgoods Wenceslas.

On august 16, 1419, Wenceslaus, King of the Romans, died. Wenceslaus' nickname was "the Drunkard". Wenceslaus (not "Good King Wenceslaus" he was in the 10th Century) was the German King from 1376 and King of Bohemia from 1378. He was deposed as German king in 1400 but was King of Bohemia until his death.

During his reign, there was repeated conflicts with the nobles, who even had him imprisoned on two occasions. Due to his troubles in Bohemia (including the torture and murder of the Vicar General of Prague) Wenceslaus hadn't been to Germany in ten years. Because of this the nobles in Germany demanded he apear befroe them to answer charges that he failed to maintain public peace. He was unable to attend due to the Bohemian troubles, so they deposed him in August 1400 claiming drunkenness and incompetence.

Wenceslaus died in 1419 of a heart attack while hunting in the woods outside his castle.

Elgoods Wenceslas is a Barleywine that is considered a Winter Warmer.

Our "King of Winter Beers" is a true winter warmer at a strength of 7.5% abv. The beer is a deep, rich brown and has a very full, fruity body. The use of Roast Barley, in particular contributes to the complex flavours, a strong hop character predominates.
It may be named for the other Good King Wenceslas, but since Wenceslaus the Drunkard died today, and this beer is 7.5% it fits pretty good.

So, in honor of Wenceslaus the Drunk, see if you can find Wenceslas, then go get drunk and piss away two countries.

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