Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Me in the news; The Champaign-Urbana Beer Club

From the Buzz

The Champaign-Urbana Beer club

Ok, well, it's not really me only, but my picture (from the about me, facebook, twitter...) is the one linked with the story.

Brady (who works with me at Radio Maria) went to the last beer club meeting in November, and wrote about it.

It's a good article, there are a couple of slight errors, but it's still good.

Several claim that within a block radius in Southeast Urbana—where many members reside—they have collectively amassed the best beers that exist in the world today.
I think it's a mile radius, but Brady said that the block makes it sound cooler.

Virgil, the weekly organizer of these events, was happy to break down this technical process in real terms, “The yeast eats the sugar, burps carbon dioxide and pisses alcohol. In a good beer like this one, the yeast keeps on pissing.”
I'm not really the organizer, I'm just the guy who runs the facebook page, and puts out the even invite. And yes, that's actually mostly a quote from Andy Borbely of Seven Saints, the "yeast keeps on pissing", that's all me.

Again, it's a good informative article, made especially pretty with the picture of me.

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