Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alcohol in the news; Grind Espresso Liqueur

From WCIA 3 Morning Show/

Grind Espresso Liqueur

Master Mixologist Andy Borbely from Seven Saints in Champaign shows us a unique liqueur only found at Seven Saints!
Which isn't exactly true, since it's also at Radio Maria.

First they try it straight, then Andy makes a martini. Pinnacle whipped vodka, grind, Baileys, then he adds a dash of bourbon. He tops it off with chocolate infused 30 proof whipped cream.

Andy pimps out Whiskey Wednesday. Tonight is Irish whiskey. You can try the Grind from 7 to 9 tonight at Seven Saints.


Anonymous said...

I had this in a bar in Chicago & I loved it & wonder where I can find it. The bartender said only 10-15 bars in the city carry it.

Anonymous said...

Do you know which bars in Chicago have it?!?! I live up here and can't find it! Thanks!

Virgil G said...

Sorry, I don't know bars in Chicago.

Good luck with your search though.

CassCarr13 said...

you can find Grind in Side Tracks, Roscoes, Cocktail, Public House, Bull & Bear, Rebal, Glascott's, Market, Peggy Longs - hope this helps!!!