Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm rebranding

I've created a new blog.

That will now be the main place where I post Alcohol/Beer/Bar information. You should follow that blog.

I wanted to have a name that I didn't really have to explain to people, when they asked me where my blog was. Yes, the name is somewhat stolen from Noah's twitter page (cu4abeer), but I didn't want to take his name... even though he's pretty much left CU.

This blog (vgrid101) will be the home of all my writings: from alcohol, to religion, to the end of the world stuff. I plan to have everything I write wind up here. But I will be keeping everything from here separate from the other places. So if you just want the local alcohol news, you can go to CU4Beer. If you want to know why I'm an idiot for quitting smoking, come here.

I've removed most of the non-alcohol stuff from CU4Beer. I did import everything from here into it. If you go through the archive there and see something that doesn't belong, let me know and i'll remove it.

This blog (vgrid101) will be my personality, hatred, love, vitriol, and other crap. The other will be solely alcohol and related info.

Good luck and good racing.

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