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Alcohol in the news; Where and how to go wine tasting

From the Buzz.

Where and hot to go wine tasting

I think the author, and editor, may have spent to much time tasting wines. I don't mean to nit pick, but seriously, this article is flawed. Instead of going to learn about wines, they should have learned about writing.

By the time I cross the stage at Foellinger, I will gladly be graduating with a B.A. in English and a minor in Coors Light. A self-proclaimed Burnett’s Vodka connoisseur, I have experimented with several you-call-it style concoctions. When away from my home bar top, my choice usually falls between beer or liquor.


However, Champaign-Urbana is a wine-rich community. With various wine tastings in the area, many of them for free, one can easily supplement their collegiate education with one in the ways of wine.

While the is vineyard located in Southern Illinois, the family runs satellite locations and provides a daily wine tasting for CU.
"While the is vineyard located", shouldn't that be "While the vineyard is located"?

Manager Nick Bland said that their Saturday tasting (2-6 p.m.; small fee, never more than $5) usually have some sort of theme loosely based around the wine’s country of origin, varietals, or style, creating a more global knowledge of wine rather than just which ones taste good.
Take away the parenthesis and the sentence reads "their Saturday tasting usually have".

But the biggest error (the one that would have cost me 25 points each time I did it (on a 100 point scale) was...

A more recent addition to the area is Wine at the Pines in Urbana, which opened in October of 2009. In addition to wine, Wine at the Pines also serves baked goods from Milos, teas, and Metropolis coffees, filling the void that Bar Giuliani left.
A misspelled name, Wine at the Pines.

If you look at the article, the image that shows up is a picture of the place. Underneath the picture of Wines at the Pines, is the caption, Wine at the Pines.

There is some good information about how to sample wines; and some nice do's and don'ts. Also, the article lets you know where you can go to taste the wine.

So, the article has good information, it's just somewhat poorly written and edited.

(If you are going to complain about my blog; remember, this is a blog, not an article that was actually printed)

Places mentioned in the article are:


Wines at the Pines

Krannert Center

Alto Vineyards

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