Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alcohol in the news; Illinois wines show off vine variety in C-U

From the Daily Illini

Illinois wines show off vine variety in C-U

A nice piece about judging wines for the Illinois State Fair.

The University hosted the competition, which concludes Wednesday at Bevier Hall after two days of judging Monday and Tuesday.

“We don’t have the competition at the state fair because it tends to smell like a competition of a barnyard and fried food,” enologist Brad Beam said. “We have a controlled environment and do it ahead of time.”

It is necessary to have the judging in a controlled environment as aroma, along with visual, palette and finish need to be separate from outside effects, he said.

That makes sense. You don't want a wine to smell like pig crap, when you are trying to determine if it's any good.

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