Thursday, May 6, 2010

CU Bars in the news; One-on-One with Mike Murphy, owner of Mike 'n Molly's

From the Buzz.

One-on-One with Mike Murphy, owner of Mike 'N Molly's

Mike ‘N Molly’s beer garden is a downtown Champaign staple. The bar has a reputable whiskey and beer selection and the beer garden features bands all summer long. While these are the well-known things about Mike ‘N Molly’s, buzz sat down with owner Mike Murphy to find out a little more.
Mike 'N Molly's is located at 105 North Market Street, in Champaign (it's not an alley).

They have one of the biggest beer gardens in town, and the location does block a lot of the long evening sun rays, with buildings to the west.

buzz What’s something the CU area might not know about Mike ‘N Molly’s?

MM: People can bring in their own food! We’re not affiliated with anyone, so bring whatever you want. If people want to have dinner in our beer garden, just bring it over. We don’t bite. We’re happy to have anyone come in.

They have a good beer selection, and some of the best Guinness in town. They offer live music many nights a week, and have some decent drink specials.

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