Thursday, May 13, 2010

American Craft Beer Week events in CU

May 17-23 is American Craft Beer Week. There is a facebook group for it.

There will be events all over CU during the week. The Champaign Urbana Beer Club will be visiting select bars during the week. Here's the schedule for events; check back often, more events will be added as they are announced.

Full Week events:

  • Seven Saints, Founders Blitz, there will be bottles of KBS, Nemesis, Breakfast Stout, Curmudgeon, Backwoods Bastard, Imperial Stout, and Cerise.

  • Blind Pig, 25 limited release American craft beers will be on draft throughout the week; $1 off all American craft bottles; Dark Horse Brewery Stout Tour, drink all 5 bottled stouts and earn a logo pint and $5 BP gift certificate.

  • Mike n' Molly's Imperial Week, numerous imperial style beers will be tapped (double IPA's, Imperial Stouts, and whatever else is hidden in the cellar)

  • Radio Maria Four of the highest rated beers will be tapped: Port Old Viscosity, Port Older Viscosity, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, Lost Abbey the Angel's Share

  • Black Dog Smoke and Ale House Sauces made from American Craft Beers (Monday, New Holland Golden Cap; Tuesday, Two Brother's Ebel Weiss; Wednesday, New Holland Dragon's Milk; Thursday, Two Brother's Cain and Ebel)

Wednesday, May 19:

  • Black Dog Smoke & Ale House, 3pm, Eric Puffer from Marketplace distribution will be giving a clinic on beer. Beer Clinic

  • Crane Alley, 6:30 pm, Champaign Urbana Beer Club Monthly Meeting; East vs. West.

Thursday, May 20

  • Crane Alley, Founders/BrewDog Night, 9pm, Small batch Founders on tap. Bottles of KBS, Backwoods Bastard, Reds Rye, Porter and Dirty Bastard. Also showcasing small batch BrewDog beers. Local rep will be on hand to answer any questions (probably Eric Puffer). Free gifts.

  • Seven Saints, Beer Class at Seven Saints, 9:30 pm. I believe the theme might be "America, Fuck Yeah!".
  • Sunsinger will host a free tasting featuring the fore runners of American Craft Beer (Anchor, North Coast, Rogue, Sierra Nevada, Capital)
Saturday, May 22

  • Friar Tuck tasting will showcase American Craft Beers

Sunday, May 23

  • Corkscrew tasting will feature beers from Port Brewing, Southern Tier, Dark Horse, and Founders

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