Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Aveo turns 99999

That's right, the I'mNotGay-O has reached a milestone.

This morning, on the drive to work, the odometer reached 99,999 miles. (sure most people would care about it turning 100,000 but I like multiples of 9)

I got the car in April of 2005. So it's almost 5 years old. I've averaged around 20,000 miles a year. Lots of stuff has happened to me in that time. My car has been with me for a lot of it. In fact, a whole lot of things have happened in that car.

It's gone to Great Taste of the Midwest twice. It's gone to Dark Lord Day three times. It's gone to Georgia several times. It's gone to Asheville, NC several times. It's gone to St. Louis several times.

Who knows how many times it's been to Chicago for Cubs games and a Bears game. It's been to Green Bay for a couple of Packers games. It's been up to Iron Mountain, Michigan.

It's been through Wisconsin to several breweries. It's been to Indiana to several breweries. This car has carried several thousand dollars worth of beer. It's probably carried more Dark Lord in it, than any vehicle ever (that's not owned by Three Floyds).

It hasn't all been great. Shortly after signing for it, I heard some of the worst news, when the ex said "when we sell the house, I'm not moving with you". It was from the car, that I took the dogs and went down to the beach and watched people tour through the house (before we sold it).

Mostly, its been good things. Lots of beer. A few too many times getting home and thinking, "that wasn't a good idea".

It's a good car.

If you have any stories that happened in/with it, please share.

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DidJuno said...

How about you and Kriddy nearly launching yourselves off a grate in the middle of I74?

I love the weathered SpongeBob guy in the back window.