Monday, November 16, 2009

The Prisoner

(It says "other thinking" so this is more of that)

Last night I watched the first two episodes of The Prisoner, on AMC. It was OK. That's about it. The episodes last night were "Arrival" and "Harmony". "Arrival" was close to the original. "Living in Harmony" was one of the original episodes that took place in the old west. This one didn't have anything to do with that. It seemed closer to being "the Schizoid Man", than an old west episode.

I did have some thoughts on the show...

1. They could have actual alcohol? In the original alcohol was not allowed in the village. Several of the episodes referenced that it was a dry community, including a part where 6 was drinking with 2. In the new re-imagining, alcohol is available.

2. They did throw a couple of bones to the old style, in that in 93's apartment, there were lava lamps, that brought a smile to my face.

3. It kind of started the same as the first, in that when 6 first arrives in the village, he gets in a cab and asks to pretty much leave, but the cabbie says he's local only. In the new village, the residents don't seem to know they aren't in the rest of society, whereas in the original, they all seemed to know they weren't from there. Why would the cabbie say he was local only, when there is nowhere else?

4. The new map scene was funny.

5. The don't do the salute with "be seeing you". That really saddened me.

6. Why are they giving 6 a love interest? Especially one who seems as tied to the village as she is. Is he going to make her escape?

7. I am saddened that the beginning doesn't have the familiar "we want information..."

8. There hasn't been a reference to a number 1 yet. Number 2 seems more godlike than number 2 did in the "Chimes of Big Ben" when everyone made the art in honor of #2.

Those are just a few of my thoughts. If you would like to watch the original it's available on AMC's website, here. Granted the original show wasn't perfect, and had some serious plot and consistency issues, but it seemed a bit better than the new imagining. There's 2 more days of it, and I'll watch. The original seemed like a David Lynch film. The new, seems like they want it to be, but just can't pull their inner Lynch.

There will be more... oh yes.

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