Friday, June 26, 2009

Beer Review, Southern Tier Mokah

Well, it's been a while since I've reviewed a beer, so here you go. This is a live tasting, and it's not my first, or sixth beer of the night, but it's the first time I've had this one.

This beer is Southern Tier mokah. As you can see from the pic, it had a decent head when I poured it. It's also very dark. No light is getting through it anywhere. It came in a 22 oz bomber that I purchased at Crane Alley. It has a strong scent of chocolate, which I guess is good in a beer named mokah. When I first poured it, there was a strong smell of alcohol, so it might be kinda strong. There's not much smell of coffee in it, just the chocolate.

It's slightly effervescent, even though it's well chilled. It doesn't feel to thick at all on the tongue. I'd say it has a medium body for a stout.

It tastes of chocolate. It's more of a dark chocolate than a milk, or sweet chocolate. I'm not picking up much coffee at all. It has the feeling of a baskin robbins chocolate smoothee.

The large foamy head dissipated in a couple of minutes, but the top of the beer still has a bit of bubbles on it. Either my glass isn't the cleanest (which is possible) of it doesn't produce very good Belgian Lace.

It finishes slightly bitter, but that's more of a dark chocolate bitter, than an hops bitter. (A hops bitter, an hops bitter?).

It's a good nightcap. I'm using it as an end to a pretty good day. Work was good, then went to Crane Alley for dinner and some beers, then went to Rademakers in Tolono to watch L.A. Guns (the Traci Guns version) and they put on a good show, then went back to Crane to drop off the other guys (Eric and beer club Scott).

Well, that's my impressions on this one. I've got about 19 more ounces of it to finish before heading to bed.

Sorry for the lack of posts, and for slacking on the calendar. Things happened that I wish didn't. But it's probably all for the best. Thanks for sticking around.



Michael said...

Good to see you posting.

Good to know the mokah was good.

What's cookin' on the stove there?


DidJuno said...

Probably beans.