Friday, May 15, 2009

A Timeline of Craft Beer; Beer Class at 7 Saints

If you missed it last night (and you probably did) Andy B. instructed a special beer class last night in honor of American Craft Beer Week.

The theme last night was "a timeline of craft beer".

The first beer we had was Anchor Steam, while it's not one of my favorite beers (or breweries) without Anchor, there might not be a craft beer movement in the U.S. Anchor opened in 1896, but Fritz Maytag bought it in 1965.

The next beer we had was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Sierra Nevada opened in 1979.

Bells Oberon. Bells opened in 1983.

Sam Adams Boston Lager. Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) opened in 1985.

Rogue Dead Guy. Rogue opened in 1988.

Left Hand Milk Stout. Left Hand opened in 1994.

Founders Dirty Bastard. Founders opened in 1997.

Three Floyds Dark Lord. Three Floyds opened in 1996. (Ok, so that's out of order, but it was the Coup de grĂ¢ce. There's really nothing you could do, to drink after the last beers were put out.

5 years of darklord on Twitpic

What would/could you drink after those five bottles?

(To the tune of "Jesus Loves the Little Children")

Virgil loves the vintage Dark Lord
All the Dark Lord every year

Red, Gold, Gray, Black, and White
They are precious in his sight
Virgil loves the vintage Dark Lord of the world!
Ok, supposedly it's orange and not red. It was awesome. I'm not sure the value of that lineup, but Andy provided the most recent 4, (gold through white) and Noah brought in the Red/Orange. I think the White, Black, and Gray ($125) were all ones that I brought back from the brewery.

There was a distinct difference between all the beers. The white (this year) seemed a bit thinner than the rest, and it's flavors were sharp. The black was very good; thick, creamy. The gray is one of the best vintages of Dark Lord. I've never had the gold before, and by the time we were on that one, my palate was going. The red/orange I had on Dark Lord Day, as Doctor Andy brought a bottle.

Just having those 5 beers would have been a most excellent beer class, but to have them as the kicker on the timeline, made a great evening. We drank them right up to around midnight.

Thanks to Andy for hosting us and providing those 4 bottles. Thanks to Noah for bringing in the fifth.

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