Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pyramid Schemes.

Last night meat came over to get his box of DL. He also asked to borrow a six pack holder to carry the gumball head. Since he hasn't had it, I cracked open a bottle of Three Floyd's Broo Doo, which is a harvest ale. It's floyds, so it's obviously hoppy (yeah, but what does hoppy mean?) Don't remember, after giving him some, I recapped it and will be drinking it tonight before the usual tuesday festivities.

The first night of the monday men's softball league was canceled due to rain, but it was friggin cold last night so I'm not too upset about that anyway.

I sold 200 shares of Pyramid Breweries stock today and made $154 on the transaction (43% or so). Pyramid is probably going to be bought by Magic hat. I sold it at $2.60 which so far is the highest price for it today.

Anything else of note happen? Dunno.

Currently reading this. The Brewmaster's Table, by Garrett Oliver.

Events on the horizon are :
Thursday: softball
Saturday: some sort of wedding reception thingy up by chicago.
Sunday: hopefully brewing


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