Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Give away

Yesterday, I stumbled across this website and I was thinking how much fun it would be to do something like that. (if you didn't look, it's a bunch of people who gave beer away to a buddy in an effort to log the most miles in their beer giveaway).

Also yesterday, big brad came over to pick up his 6 pack/box of darklord. Well, I couldn't just let him walk away empty handed, so I picked out a couple of beers for Brad. (obviously i gave him a tour of the house first). So in addition to his 6 DL's he also went home with A NEW CAR!!! no just kidding, I sent him away with a Bells Expedition, Chechvar, and Sam Smith Imperial Stout.

Yeah, the chechvar and sam smith aren't that difficult to come by, but he's never had them.

Then I prepared the box that was Jim at 7 saints's. He had his 6 pack of Darklord and since I was taking it to 7s I figured I'd put the beers I was gonna give to Andy in it. So I went through and picked out some for Andy. He got a Stone Imperial Russian Stout; Stone Arrogant Bastard; O'fallon Smoked Porter Whiskey Aged; Westvleteren 8; and the Three Floyds Mikeller Hvedegoop.

When we took the box into 7s and set it on the bar, Andy and Jim weren't there. So Chibosi looked through the box (as did many of the other staff members). Then I started to explain the beers in the box.

Stone Imperial Russian Stout, the 16th rated beer on Beer Advocate.
Stone Arrogant Bastard, not a top 100, but hard to come by in Illinois.
O'fallon Smoked Porter whiskey aged, (crap, I didn't check which number I gave him... CRAP!!) well, that one is in a limited edition of 960 bottles.
Westvleteren 8, the number 8 beer in the world (according to BA). The beer you can "only" get at the monastery.
Three Floyds Hvedegoop, the one time only beer, not one day a year, only once made, will never be made again.

So I gave away about $90 of beer total yesterday. But why?

I think I did it just to let others enjoy it as much as I do. I could just sit around my house and drink awesome beers every day, but I'd rather share the experience with others. Will I get back what I gave away yesterday? Dunno, was it an investment?

I determined I'm going to start reviewing beers. So now I'm going to start carrying a notebook around so I can keep my tasting notes. Yeah, that adds an extra level of beer-snob-iosity, but since I do drink some great beers, I should probably have tasting notes. Additionally, this should help with my beer vocabulary.

Last night I had:
Three Floyds Broo Dooo
Boulevard Pale Ale
2 Coronas (don't ask)
St. Amand farmhouse ale
Three Floyds Alpha King


Chipper (Dave) said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! While you may never recoup directly all of the beers you gave away, you at least shared with others what you already love and that alone should pay dividends the next time you speak with those friends.

Michael said...

You've got a nice blog set up here. I like the notion of sending beers around and the idea of sharing beers you've tried.

As for reviewing beers, that will certainly make you a "student" of beers and brewing. I'm saving this blog as a favorite.

Bryon said...

If you ever feel like giving beer away, I'd be happy to help you on the receiving end... ;-)

I still owe you a comment back, I'll type it up tomorrow. Cheers!