Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa Caucus

Rick Perry spent $6,035,705 on tv ads in Iowa. He received 12,604 votes, that's $478.87 per vote. Even if he won with Romney's total of 30,015 votes, he would have paid $201.09 per vote.
Romney spent $4,665,342 and got the above 30,015 votes, for $ 155.43 per vote.
It's a crazy amount of money spent on tv ads in Iowa, for almost no votes. There were just over 120,000 voters (caucus goers) and a whole lot of cash thrown at them. Looking at the chart, it looks like over 15 million was spent in Iowa by the candidates on it. That's $125 per voter. Wouldn't it be more effective to just hand a person $125 and say vote for me, than to give the money to tv stations?
If Iowa didn't have one of the lowest unemployment rates, I'd think this money could have done something better to boost their economy.

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